Hello everyone, today I discuss about a programming language. Yes today I told about R Programming Language. If you do not hear about “R programming Language” just read full article. Then you clearly understood about “R programming Language”.

R Programming Language
R Programming Language

History of R Programming Language: -

The name of this programming is “R”. Which is came from “R programming Language” two creators names first letter. The developer of R Programming Language was created by two “R” Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. R programming Language currently developed by the R Development Core Team.

This Language first appeared in August 1993, 25 years ago. And the latest stable version 3.5.1(Feather Spray) was release on July 2, 2018.

Getting Started: -

R is a free software atmosphere for statistical computing and visuals. R Programming Language compiles and runs on a wide variation of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. You can download R Programming Language preferred CRAN mirror.

Programming Features: -

The “R Programming Language” are used through command-line-interpreter. In R Command prompt you type

3 + 2
and press enter the computer shows the answer is 5. Like this –
> 3 + 2
[1] 5

R supports matrix arithmetic like other similar languages such as APL and MATLAB.

It also supports Array, Object-orient, imperative, functional, procedural & reflective.

Statistical Features: -

R offers graphical facilities for data analysis and display either directly at the computer or printing at the papers.

Interfaces & Implementations: -

RStudio is most common used graphical integrated development atmosphere. Visual Studio is a similar development interface of R tools. Some common editors of R is Eclipse, Emacs, and Tinn-R.

R programming language is implemented mainly with C and FORTRAN language. And close implement with several languages such as pqR, Java implementations, C++ for improvement of memory management, multi-threading, JVM etc.

Comparison with SAS and others: -

R is similar to popular commercial statistical suites, like as SAS and others, but R is obtainable to workers at no charge under a free software license.

The R got popularity like as SAS in recent time.

While R is an open-source project supported by the community developing it, some companies try to provide commercial support.

Download R Programming Language :- Click Here

Conclusion: -

I tried to give you a basic idea of R Programming Language. I don’t know I have done my job or not. Please feel free to contact me to comment below regarding this post. Hope I will surely help you.

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