How to Make Better Social Videos in 2018
How to Make Better Social Videos in 2018


Social videos can be seen on a rise. They are easily consumable, eye catching, and dynamic – making them user-friendly. They are turbo charged also by tablets and smartphones, and this increases their views too.

If you want to invest on social videos nowadays, you are going to make a right bet: 79% of the online global traffic will be presented by videos in 2020. The brands which win the big part of attention will be those that make most video clips in upcoming years.

So, are you ready to play the game of video marketing? Let’s try these amazing 4 strategies.

  1. Join in with influencers

How can you get there where influencers are now? How did they get there? one main reason is that they posted content consistently which resonated with the followers. Means, they have created a highly tuned sensation of which content works and which doesn’t. it is good news for all of you: this shows that influencers keep you on a fast track for making quite compelling videos.

As you have lined up with an influencer, share their marketing goals with you. Also, make a wide latitude of creativity for them for producing the stellar video. An influencer will come to know about weaving promotion of your brand using content which feels natural for followers. Also, influencers will become a front-and-center of your video, thus you must be passionate with them regarding what you present to the potential customers. There is bonus for working with influencers: after they had helped you in creating videos, they can help you also in promoting and become highly engaged with the followers.

Look out for the collaboration made by Dwayne Johnson and under Armour for the USDNA collection. Not just did Johnson promoted this collection, but also used messaging which resonated with potential audience.

  1. Go live

Live video gives an energy which normal video can’t, and it has become quite famous method of reaching followers for brands. According to a writer in Forbes, Jayson Demers, there exist their main reasons that live videos perform so well:

  • Live Videos are captivating. Users try to prefer the visual content. Videos got a lot of popularity in recent few years.
  • Value of live moments. There exists a certain amount of energy for experiencing new things as they occur. This thing is valuable for social media networks.
  • User engagement. These videos can encourage engagement — particularly if a broadcaster advocates them.

Live videos can double the time of marketing. Firstly, you access the highly engaged followers of your who get tuned in and communicate with you in live. After then, you are able to distribute the video recordings to other followers.

Have a look on Benefit Cosmetics to get guidance on live videos. This brand hosts the series of Tipsy Tricks regularly which is full of helpful advices on makeup (and wine!). The brand films this series in lives and receives questions from the audience. As broadcast gets over, their videos become available on their Facebook page that can be seen anytime.

  1. Turn it into practical

While you are searching for your video format and Buy Youtube Views, adopt the one which never goes out of fashion, do something practical. Get some tutorials and how tos. They are quite valuable as they provide you advice which can be used.

Moreover, being practical is essential which helps in making content viral. Even the video doesn’t aid your followers instantly, your follower may consider of anyone else which can be useful. Also, sharing can make them feel well, as it offers them with a lot of worth which they can send as a gift to family and friends.

Wish to learn about videos from the master of practical tactics of videos? Go visit the DIY videos by Lowe, which have gained countless views all across the social media.

  1. Let your followers know you

From the services or products to the social content you create, only your followers can see the highly polished material. However, they get dying to view your inner workings for your brand. Thus, provide them what they wish to see!

Try to publish the sneak peeks from your projects and products out are working on. not just is this method a great method of producing low priced and entertaining content of santanderonline, but it is the stellar method too for building a buzz before the final reveal. Your followers who take an earlier look will feel themselves invested in this creative process and will share their excitement on social media.

The scenes behind the curtain are excellent for the content too: they make the followers think themselves as insiders. They are easy to create also, as they are a byproduct of the normal activities of brand. Whatever you work on – whether it is a big sale, live event or photo shoot.


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