Hello Friends, Today I share my real experience of SEO. In my previous post I discuss about Best 3 WordPress SEO Plugin You Need to Optimize Your Website In 2018. This is not only the solution of rank in google search engine and got much organic traffic.

Before this discussion you need to know about what is SEO? Type of SEO? What Is Seo And How It Works? But mind it SEO is not only the factor of ranked up in google or other search engine.after configure SEO plugin in WordPress Website

You need to know about user’s intent. Your content must me unique, well readable and relevant to user. So, at first I briefly discus about SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is very important for your website. It is works when a search engine search a particular topic or phase. It is a process that tell search engines to show you index pages. When somebody need to search a topic or information on internet using google, yahoo or Bing or any search engine. They provide a phase it is called keyword. A website have that contain of data about the covered information. Search engine are shows those websites that bearing good and clear cut content of those data. With help of SEO those website ranked on search engine result page.

In www or World Wide Web there are millions of websites. How you can confirm that people find you when they search on internet using search engine? Then SEO tells to search engines where the relevant content placed.

Now SEO is a technique that can have some of steps that can help you to take rank higher on google or another search engine pages. That get free organic traffic to your websites from various search topics or keywords or phrases.

Basics of SEO: Basics of SEO has some points: -

  • Technical Optimization: Technical SEO fixes the basics of what makes a healthy website in the eyes of the search engines & users.
  • Content Optimization: Content optimization SEO improved consumes current content & changes new highly attractive and link-worthy script, visuals and data.
  • Link Profile Optimization: Link-profile optimization SEO usually made our content link growth with high quality links.
  • Conversion Optimization: We want traffic that converts customers or users who stay our sites & do activity. Conversion Optimization SEO improve the rate of traffic into conversion.

Based on these basic points of SEO, it is divided in two parts On page SEO & Off page SEO.

  • On Page SEO :

On Page SEO is a process to optimize your web pages, contents according to google search engine guidelines. This On Page SEO helps you to gain traffic from search results.

On Page SEO is related to your page content. If you write a blog post then must remember few things. Choice right keyword, relevant site content, user friendly, good readability.

  • Off Page SEO:

Off Page SEO is also the important part of website search ranking. It is the external matter of your site. Off Page SEO works in various way. I tell you how to works Off Page SEO.

  • First Thing Before Doing Off Page SEO:

Before starting Off page SEO remember it you need to first finished your On page SEO. In my previous article I discuss about Best 3 WordPress SEO Plugin you need to Optimize your Website in 2018. So you know how to configure your WordPress site’s On Page SEO use one of this plugin.

  • Process of Doing Off page SEO:

Off Page SEO do not work with your website directly. So doing Off Page SEO work externally to directly not connect to your site. But it is very important to do off page SEO for search engine visibility.

  • Link building:

Link building is a one of important part of Off page SEO. You can build link doing Social Media Marketing and Social Bookmarking.

  • How to Build Your Link:

You can build your website link in various way. Try to submit your site in blog directories. If you submit your website link successfully then you got linked from there.

Search forum of your website niche and post your link there through commenting. Also search high rank website where comment link is open. Find and comment those sites with your website link.

You can build your link with guest post publishing. As well as exchange your link to each other with other website owner.

  • Social Media:

Today social media platform is a very popular. Sharing your good content in social media platform you can got good traffic from them. There is many social media platform available like facebook, google plus, VK etc.

  • Social Bookmarking:

Redit, Digg is an example of social bookmarking website. You should bookmark off your website in this type off websites.

  • Black hat SEO:

Above all SEO technique is white hat SEO. But it is important to know about Black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is a process to manipulate natural ways to build link and others for good search engine rank result. They manipulate the algorithm of search engine.

In Black hat SEO technique you can rank your website in a few days. Build huge website link in a very short time. But mind it you should penalize for this in a few days.



After reading this you should know about good SEO and Bad SEO. As well as On Page SEO & Off Page SEO. Above this process is a not enough to understand about SEO, but I sure you should understand something about SEO. If you learn something from here I will be very greatful for help you!

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