World's biggest hardware hacking was caught in China

World's biggest hardware hacking was caught in China
World's biggest hardware hacking was caught in China

This chip is smaller than rice grains. But even small but impossible power is his. For the past several years, the chip has stolen all information from the major companies, banks, government departments and intelligence agencies of the world including the United States. Everyone is shocked at the issue. Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexperts say that in the history of the world, before such a large scale hardware hacking was not done. But who, who is behind this hacking? One is the name of the country - China

Flashback 2006

In 2006, there was no smart phone launch. But then there was the convenience of watching video on a slightly higher price phone. It was noticed that three computer engineers from Oregon City of America had three computer engineers. They realized that within a few years, TV and cinema halls would be the only way to see the video and mobile phones. So software is needed to compress the high resolution video so that it can be viewed on different size devices including mobile phones. They then started a company named Elemental Technologies. This company has developed advanced software that allows high-resolution video files to be compressed and can be compressed and converts them to different formats, so that they can be easily viewed on computers, mobile phones, tabs etc.

Besides developing software, Elemental Technologies is a hardware company in the US, Super Micro Computer Inc. (Which is also known as Supermicro). Under the agreement, Supermicro will create a server for Elemental Technologies and the server chip will have special software that creates Elemental Technologies for compression and converting video files.

The demand for the server has increased

Elemental Technologies - Its server became popular within a few years. About $ 30,000 / - for the construction of the server, but they would have been sold for around $ 100000 / -. That is, the cost of each server is around seven crore taka. But the demand for that server is increasingly increasing. Because of the launch of the Apple smart phone in 2007, the number of video views on mobile phones increased overnight. Not only that, USA spy agencies spy on different countries in the air through CIA drone, spy satellite and unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The video size that is recorded during the surveillance process is quite large. Apart from NASA's satellite and spaceships, the American space agency NASA also records the images from the space in the world with video cameras. Their file size is too big. These large size video files need to be compressed when they are stored on the server. So all these government agencies started buying the Elemental Technologies server. Apart from this, the demand for server of Elemental Technologies has also increased, among other non-government companies who offer online service and video-video clips (such as Youtube) or cloud storage services.

Amazon Prime Video

In 2015, Amazon Company decided that they would create another company (Amazon Prime Video) which would allow viewing movies and TV serials online in mobile, laptops and tabs. But that's why software and servers were needed to convert a lot of high-resolution video files into various formats and be compressed. So Amazon decided to buy Elemental Technologies company.

Before the investigation the investigation

When a company decides to buy another company, they carry out a special investigation with a third party company. Prior to buying the Elemental Technologies company, the Amazon company also took the responsibility of investigating another third party company. The company's job will be to see if the Elemental Technologies company's software, server and business are in place. The Amazon company was surprised to see the report that the third party company reported to Amazon! Because the investigation came out of digging the worm.


Investigation report

As already mentioned, Elemental Technologies Company has given the responsibility of building their servers to American Supermicro Companies It was found in the investigation that a microchip was secretly hidden among the servers that the Supermicro company created. The chips allow hackers to access all the video files stored there. The chip smaller than rice grains was fitted on the motherboard of the server in such a way that it is impossible to understand if it is not tested well.

The government investigation started

In January 2015, the head of Amazon's company was shocked by the investigation report. They immediately told the American government about the matter. All of us have heard the hand of the American government. Because the server of the Elemental Technologies company is used to store very important files in various government organizations, including the CIA, NASA. If these files go to hackers in other countries then these dangers Apple company also came to know about the issue. Because Apple Store's Cloud Storage service (iCloud - Apple's customers store their files, app history, chat history, etc. in the cloud storage), nearly 7000 servers of Elemental Technologies are used. After learning about this, Apple has removed all the Elemental Technologies servers in just one week and installed the new server.

Meanwhile, the US government started investigating the matter secretly. In the investigation, it was known that Supermicro company ordered to build their servers to a company located in Shanghai, China. At the time of creating the servers there was a microchip sewn on the motherboard secretly. It is clearly understood that it is a very big conspiracy. Because of the general hackers, the company's motherboard design can not be changed by changing the design of a particular chip. This is only possible if the company has given such a direct command to the company. That is, clearly understood that this incident was not possible without the special instructions of the Chinese government.

Investigation results

So far, the investigation has revealed that the important data stored in the server of 30 public and non-governmental organizations including CIA, NASA, Apple, Facebook, has been hacked in this way. But that's just the calculation of America. Apart from the US, many companies and government organizations in many countries of the world use the Elemental Technologies server. So China has stolen important information from government and non-government organizations in many countries of the world in addition to America through hacking this hardware.

Phone and computer protected?

Now the question that has become big is just how Elemental Technologies servers have been hacked? The question is being raised because 90% of the mobile phones that are made in the world every year and 90% of the PCs and laptops are made in China. This is because the workers' wages are very low in that country. So many companies in the world have made their phones, computers and servers through different companies of China. Now the question is, those phones and computers have not been installed on the motherboard, such a secret chip? If that's the case, it's more awesome.

Face box

A news agency, named Bloomberg, leaked to China's hardware hacking yesterday. Although the US government and the Apple company, including Apple, were damaged by the hacking.

The most interesting fact is that the hacking allegations were not directly denied by the Chinese government. The government of that country has said in a statement that China itself has been victim of cyber crime at different times. The Chinese government is always active to stop cyber crime. "In this statement, however, the Chinese Elemental Technologies server did not talk about the issue of hacking or denied allegations against them.


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